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Where Is Mr. Right Hiding, Anyway?

Mr. Right?

Each day single women everywhere are looking for Mr. Right.  However, the search in your 20’s was much different than the hunt in your 30’s.  In your 20’s, a local bar and a few martinis was all you needed to find him.  Although then he was probably thought of as Mr. Right Now.  Even the standards were much lower: cute, funny, nice car, big muscles.

As you enter your 30’s and 40’s, not only have hard lessons and broken hearts raised your standards, but there is now a few pieces of baggage that accompanies the quest for Mr. Right.

Your baggage. His baggage. Your other single friends’ baggage.

But you still want Mr. Right, even if it is a new, improved version.

Yet you have graduated college and struggle just to stay out past midnight on a Friday night.  So, where do you find Mr. Right?  Heck, where do you even find Mr. Right Now?

It seems even finding someone to go dancing or watching a movie to pass the time with until He (Mr. Right) comes along is a challenge. If you are over 35 and do not have a prospective boyfriend, men secretly are afraid you are going to want to lock them in their house until they agree to marry you.

It is quite pathetic how quickly they want to run to a galaxy far, far away as soon as you hint that you actually enjoy their company and may want to spend more time with them.  Strange how that scares men.

You are Now a Threat

Why is a man so afraid to share his single, independent, fly to Paris on a whim, no one tells me what to do, dirty socks on the living room floor, sometimes lonely, bachelor lifestyle of beer pong and video games with a…. ummm, girl?

Do girls really put a cramp in their solo-ish, free lifestyle or nights out with the boys?  Maybe it’s fear of cooties.

Is it possible they have fallen trap to the whole “grass is greener” concept?  That seems so cliché and 20-something.

What if she is thinking he MAY be her Mr. Right Now?  Is it so bad that a reasonably attractive, smart, sexy woman shares a few Saturday nights with them?  Maybe it is.  Maybe that is why they stay far away from the places these single women may be hanging out, ready to trap the next available man that walks in the door (sarcasm).

Or are their past failed relationships (aka baggage) so ingrained in their persona that they can’t seem to leave it behind?  This woman may ALSO be possessive, angry, a cheater and liar as well. Or whatever ex-hangups he may have.

Maybe the same is true for women, and the combination creates such a potent emotional repellent, we really don’t stand a chance.

The truth is maybe Mr. Right doesn’t want to be found.  He is either already taken, has no interest in being discovered, or is so afraid of a real relationship he stays hidden behind a wall of protection – literally and figuratively.

An eternal romantic would disagree.  Instead, maybe he really IS out there and will someday cross your path – literally and figuratively.

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