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30 Simple Ways to Show a Man you Respect Him

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Love and Respect (Image by Josh Kenzer @ Flickr)

While it is important for man to show a woman she is loved and cherished, it is important for man to be respected.

Here’s a bit of information I learned in the 2nd grade – it goes both ways.  What is good for the goose, is good for the gander.  In other words, yes, men have to do the little things in a relationship to show a woman he is thinking of her,  but a woman needs to also be respectful of HIS needs.

A romantic relationship needs to be tended to and not left to wither. It takes both partners to step up and do their part, especially when it is a serious, committed relationship.

Newsflash!! Men and women have different needs.  It is true, we don’t love like they do and they don’t love like we do.  Sure in some ways, we want the same things – affection, respect, passion, etc – but there are still things that are different when it comes to matters of the heart.

So, here are some ways to show a man you love him the way he appreciates it.

1.  Respect his career / job.

2. Focus on what he’s doing right, instead of focusing on what he is doing wrong.

3. Allow him to go to his cave when he needs time to think.

4. Laugh at his jokes.

5. Let him unwind after work without running at him with concerns or a list of chores.

6. Always defend his honor to any family member or friend if they are disrespecting him.

7. Tell him you appreciate him.

8. Allow him to do nice things for you without pointing them out.

9. Give him compliments often.

10. Find ways to show him that you need him.

11. Express how proud you are of him giving him specific reasons.

12. Tell him your specific needs – don’t expect him to read your mind.

13. Graciously teach him how you want him to demonstrate his love for you.

14. Support him.  Be his biggest fan and cheering section.

15. Appreciate him when he helps out with household chores or the children.

16. Dress up occasionally.  Take time to look your best when you go out..

17.  Wear something sexy in the bedroom occasionally.

18. Listen to his stories, even if you have heard them hundreds of times.

19. Show physical affection / attention / intimacy whenever you can – discover his sexual needs.

20. Allow him to “veg” without bothering his alone time or times with his buddies.

21. Tell him how much you appreciate him working so hard to support the family.

22. Surprise him with a sensual kiss when he gets home from work.

23. Do little things for him— give him a back rub, bring him coffee, let him sleep in, etc.

24. Watch an action flick, sports show, or something he likes with him.

25. Buy him fun and romantic gifts occassionally.

26.  Ask him how his day was when he has the energy to talk.

27. Plan a fun weekend trip for just the two of you, without the children.

28. Acknowledge his strengths and forgive his weaknesses.

29. Try to avoid guilt trips and silence treatments.  Communication is essential in ANY relationship.

30. Men don’t always want to talk as much as women (surprise), so let them just simply BE with you sometimes, watching a movie, TV, reading the newspaper, etc.

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